About the Book...

In the book, Rainbow Savior, the author seeks a straying soul who is conflicted about and struggles with same-sex attraction (ssa).  In his work, he hopes to provide a model of what to say and what not to say for other Christians to follow.  In the second half of his work, the author shares a message with those among God's people who are searching for answers to why the church and our society are both divided on this issue, what the Bible truly says, and how to give a wise and evangelical response to the world in light of this subject.  Click here to learn more about this work from the author himself, Rev. William A. Monday.

For those of us who are looking for solid biblical teaching on same-sex attraction, or if you would like to develop an evangelical approach to this issue as a light for Christ, click here.  Within, you'll find an ever-increasing number of resources which include the book Rainbow Savior, the Rainbow Savior Bible Study and accompanying PowerPoints (10 Sessions), plus a video presentation of the Rainbow Savior Bible Study for large or small groups.  All proceeds from the purchase of any Rainbow Savior material will go to support the ministry of People of Grace.  We pray these resources will be a blessing to you, drawing us all closer to Jesus Christ, the Rainbow Savior.  
People of Grace

Everyone needs a community to belong to and a cause to support.  This is evidenced by the fact that Jesus Christ created the Holy Christian Church (Ephesians 4) and gave to us the Great Commission of the Gospel (Matthew 28).  Within the Church and that Gospel Commission there is a segment of redeemed children of God - People of Grace - whose ministry is dedicated to helping souls prevail in the struggle against ssa.  You are welcome here and are encouraged to connect to this community and cause!  Click on the following link to find out more, join, and support People of Grace