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Rainbow Savior Bible Study (Digital Download)
Rainbow Savior Bible Study is a study on how to address the issue of same-sex attraction (ssa) with a struggling soul (Part I) and with a congregation of God's people who have a wide range of questions on the matter - from reaching loved ones struggling to interacting with people in the world embracing homosexuality as an acceptable alternative lifestyle. Lesson Topics: Part I: 1) A Godly Perspective on Souls Struggling; 2) "Judge Not"; 3) The Only Basis for Addressing Homosexuality; 4) Evaluating "Born that Way"; 5) Examining True Identity; 6) The Issue of True Love; 7-8) The Only Happy Lifestyle and No Greater Friend; Part II: 9-10) Who's to Blame for this Issue in Society and Why the Church Is So Divided; 11-12) How the Christian Is to Operate in Society and The Issue of Same-Gender Unions; 13) The New Use of the Rainbow Symbol.  Though this Bible study follows the outline and general content of the book, the book Rainbow Savior is not necessary for the class, though it serves as an excellent supplement.  10 Lessons.  Easily 12 Weeks.  Teaching Level: Difficult.  
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